Rainbow and Silver Springs dumps $1,500,000 daily.
Sent to Sea 1,000,000,000 gal/day, Silver and Rainbow are asked to conserve.

Ocala's Water and Sewer Director Jeff Halcomb looks for new Water Sources.
Silver Springs and the $1,500,000 in fresh water runoff each day is likely in Ocala Utility Director's sights.  Marion County Residents may object to Ocala taking more than their share of water worth millions of dollars.  Selling Water and Electricity to Ocala residents has been a "cash cow" Enterprise Activity for Ocala City Fathers for decades.  Enterprise funds for Ocala supply $49,000,000 annually to Ocala.  Unemployment and record high utility bills have overcharged Ocala Residents in an uproar.  Marion County residents are not willing to step in and bail Ocala's outdated infrastructure out of their financial jam.  
EDC Ocala must now compete with EDC Marion County and TDC Marion County.  EDC Marion County is addressing resources taken by Ocala.  The most recent is the Marion County name.  Voters authorized a Visitor Development Tax for Marion County and Ocala took the entire income stream of a million dollars per year plus.  Recently, a TDC Director made the analogy of a Hawks nest with 3 chicks, one chick grows bigger and soon takes over growing large and bloated, leaving only crumbs for the other two baby birds that will likely not survive.  Marion County has learned, never partner with Ocala or you will end up paying most of their bills.
 Save Silver Springs directors feel Ocala could be looking at Silver Springs and the billions of gallons lost daily. Drawing from beneath Silver Springs Halcomb says "you ain't seen nothing yet" referring to wasted drinking water leaking from Ocala Utilities.  Currently outside the Springs Protection Zone because the zone around Silver Springs has a donut hole in the center that excludes the City of Ocala, Water bills are skyrocketing and scheduled to go into orbit soon.  Ocala's old wasteful fresh water utility piping system is failing and costing Ocala Residents Millions.
Mean while Marion County Residents have asked the Marion County Chairman Stan McClain and Administrator Dr. Lee Niblock to study the value of water sent to the Ocklawaha and Withlacoochee rivers to feed the gulf and Atlantic Ocean. 
The Ocala Star Banner known for anti growth rhetoric explained in a front page story by Susan Latham Carr, that demand for water in Ocala is reaching a critical stage.  Calls to conserve the 1 Billion Gallons currently draining to the gulf and ocean is the obvious choice as Ocala looks for more water rather than conserving current waste caused by leaks that have wasted precious fresh water for years.  Becoming a Water Warrior, Ocala seems to be signaling an up coming battle to conserve the Billions of gallons lost to the Atlantic each week at Silver Springs.  Marion County Commissioners are a step ahead as they look at a report by the EDC Marion on Dollar Values lost daily at Silver Springs.
Residents strapped for cash see Several hundred Million Dollars run off from Silver Springs each year, enough to pay most or all of the Marion County Budget annually.  The report by the TDC Marion County and the EDC Marion County details the value of 50% of the water lost daily at Silver and Rainbow Springs.  $270,000,000 could be removed from Marion County Taxes if we saved 1/2 of the wasted water flowing to the polluted Ocklawha River and on to the St Johns and eventually to the Atlantic Ocean.  
In a recent survey Marion County residents were asked if they would support selling some of the Fresh Water that currently flows to the Atlantic Ocean from Silver Springs.  Overwhelming they reported a "highly favor Selling some of the water currently used as runoff.  Most liked the idea of reducing or eliminating Ad Valorem Taxes by selling up to 50% of the Runoff Water from Silver Springs and Rainbow Springs.  It appears that only the Ocala Star Banner favors the current down turn in economic growth in order to conserve water.  "Why should we conserve with our home use if Marion County sends 1 billion gallons out to sea daily", asked Bernie Strege.  "Springs are beautiful but why waste all of the fresh water coming out of our aquifer"?  Citing possible sales of the water even as far away as Japan and China economic experts with the Economic Action Team Marion County know our fresh water that we spill into the Atlantic is worth up to $3.00 per thousand gallons and much more if bottled.  Currently we send it out in a river of waste to the Ocklawaha River, and saving 1/2 would be 5 times the amount used by all utilities and private wells in Marion County.


 Ocala LimeStone Dome® Mineral Water has long been recognized as a Natural Treasure.  Now the Central Florida Area will benefit by inviting the world to enjoy our treasured water.  Citizens are beginning to calculate the value of watering the Ocklawaha and the Withlacoochee rivers with clean drinking water bubbling out at our springs.


Demand for Water and Calls for Conservation  Suggest Ocala may be targeting Silver Springs from below.  Ocala's Water Director eyes Silver Springs as water source.  Currently Ocala "big gulp" wells draw aquifer water away as it inters Silver Springs reducing flow.  Save Silver Springs Executive Director Stephen Hunter points to the 1 billion gallons of fresh drinking water lost daily to the gulf and ocean from Silver and Rainbow Springs.  Ocala is drawing Silver Springs down from underneath at a rate of $1.50 per thousand gallons.  Taking the water from above or below is the same, the water is worth millions and Ocala's city limits can expand below the ground.  Silver Springs is in Marion County, outside the City of Ocala.  Drawing from Silver Springs above ground would create a water war with Marion County residents.  Drawing from below the ground 

Marion County Commissioners may not allow Ocala to take water from under Silver Springs as County Residents begin to understand the value of drinking water.  

 Marion County has two springs Silver and Rainbow that send water valued at $1.50 per thousand gallons to the gulf and Atlantic daily.  1 Billion Gallons is valued at $1,500,000 daily goes to sea and Ocala is looking for water.

Much like Cuba side drilling ( or Slant Drilling ), under U. S. A. Gulf oil fields from underneath, Ocala Utilities is currently able do draw water from inside the Springs Protection Zone out of sight of Marion County Residents.  Much as Cuba cannot drill into U S oil fields from above, they can slant drill and draw out the valuable oil.  Ocala Utilities can't draw from the springs above but they can draw the same water from below.  St Johns Water Management has actual jurisdiction and has allowed Ocala draining storm water into the aquifer as replacement for the drinking water taken at a lower depth.  Called Beneficial Recharge both Gainesville and Ocala send their storm water into the drinking water aquifer feeding Silver and Rainbow Springs.

Ocala Marion County is usually the name given to a Marion County initiative because of the long history of Ocala City as the county seat, however when it comes to water, residents are concerned that Ocalamay be the problem rather than the solution.  

 Excess pumping of the Floridan that feeds the Springs is drawing Silver and Rainbow Springs water away from underneath.  A battle is brewing between Ocala residents and Marion County residents over the draw down of surface waters by Ocala Utilities.  1 billion gallons that is wasted daily flowing out to the Ocklawaha especially is egregious.  Ocala has their eye on the 500,000 gallons that daily flows out of Marion County.  Yes it is pretty to look at but Ocala keeps hinting that they need a new fresh water source.  Step one in using the drinking water of Silver Springs is to stop draining the City of Ocala storm water into the spring.  In 2009 Ocala stopped dumping a 60 inch pipe that drained most of Ocala city streets into the Silver River.   Many water experts saw Ocala's admission of Drainage Wells and Surface draining into Silver Springs as the necessary cleanup so the water could be used by Ocala Utilities.  

 Ocala Star Banner calls for repairing old City of Ocala infrastructure that is leaking clean drinking water.   Plagued with chronic utility failures and old drainage well storm-water utilities, Ocala residents are faced with even higher water bills in the future.  Wasted drinking water will ultimately accelerate the population loss in Ocala as city utility waste the drinking water pumped from the Floridan Aquifer.  Experts have pointed to Ocala draining Aquifer water causing a drop in Silver Springs flow.  For years Ocala has attempted to stop growth in Marion County as the city wealthy and educated move out of Ocala.  

In the past few decades Ocala has fallen from 60% of the population to the current 17% estimate.  Losing water at city watering meters all across the city is causing increased utility bills for the folks left in Ocala.  Bad management systems have the Ocala water officials hoping to keep the economy from growing.  Ocala Star Banner writer Susan Latham Carr writes that the current economy has slowed and that is helping the city of Ocala Utilities, however the reduction in growth can't last indefinitely writes Ms Latham Carr.

1 Billion  Gallons of Ocala Cool Mineral Water boils out at Silver and Rainbow Springs Daily wasting a true Florida Resource.  We must Save 10% as beneficial recharge.

Efforts are underway to return up to 10% of the Spring Water back to beneficial recharge of the Floridan and Surficial Aquifers that make up the Ocala LimeStone Dome.   Marion County Commissioners have received a report from Florida Experts that outlines the plan to take and sell Silver Springs water currently suggested in the Ocala Star Banner "Ocala Utilities Looks for New Water Source".  Ocala Water Official looks for new Water Source.