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Help educate old line Socialist Environmentalist flying the H T Odum and Scienceman banner.  Help them see the value of keeping the Floridan Aquifer clean.

We can use Amendment 1 funds to dispose of the processed sewer effluent on to spray fields allowing nitrofication and denitrofication.  Nature can deal with the sewer effluent if air and sunlight can reach the NO2 and No3.

Amendment 1  It is now or never!  We have the Dollars, Now lets get to work!

This is DEP's Great chance to add spray field land to our State Land Inventory and handle Utilities Processed Effluent (UPE) waste discharge in an environmentally sound fashion.  Bad Management Practices (BMP's) can now be solved.  First on the list is Storm-water Drains as shown in Ocala Utility Drainage System, and Sewer Drainage Systems such as Kanapaha Sewer Facility of Gainesville Utilities.  Orlando Utilities is also a site that can benefit from Amendment 1 funding.  We must expand surface spray fields in order to reduce the harm of shalow discharge to our Aquifers.  

Shallow drainage pipes drain problematic storm-water and processed sewer effluent into the aquifer only to have it pop back to the surface at springs or drinking wells.  It is not possible to track the exact path of the discharged sewer effluent however once the 10 million gallons per day is in the Aquifer starting at 80 yards it will pop out of the aquifer at any spring aquifer pressure allows.


Orlando produces 201 Million Gallons daily of processed and 50 million gallons must be discharged in questionable shallow drainage wells.  We could buy land and create more spray fields to solve this problem.

Kanapaha Utility Plant of Gainesville Utilities also has not enough space to discharge its processed sewer effluent.  They have drilled down just 80 yards approximately and then discharge the Estrogenic waste sewer water into the Floridan Aquifer.  Amendment 1 is a great chance to help these city utilities cope with their processed sewer waste water. 

Buying land to filter City Utilities across Florida will help the urban citizens of Florida.  Because the Aquifers must be kept clean they should not be used to discharge sewer effluent.  This is not "beneficial recharge".

We now have funds under Amendment 1 and we know how to Solve the University of Florida home town Gainesville Sewer discharge problem.  Every flush on UF campus goes into the Aquifer as a part of the 10 million gallons daily that is dumped.  Call Governor Scott and your legislator.  We can help Gainesville do the right thing, and actually pay for the solution. 

Recent 2015 FDEP kick off meetings on the Silver Springs Basin Plan (BMAP) have been held at the Marion County Growth Services Building, 2710 East Silver Springs Boulevard, Ocala Florida.

The meeting will be held at the Springs Art Exhibit by Wildlife Artist Don Browning.   "We are at the perfect place to save our ground water with Amendment 1 funds", states Author/Artist Don Browning.  "let's not miss this opportunity.


The Number 1 and 2 point source discharge points have been discussed.  There is pressure to keep the largest Sewer Effluent discharge point out of the discussion of Springs Protection issues, however more and more citizens and geologist are asking why do we dispose of Processed Sewer Effluent into our Drinking Water Aquifer (DWA) the Floridan Aquifer.  The hole Gainesville Utilities dumps into takes more daily (10,000,000 gallons) and that volume of high nitrate effluent is raising some eyebrows.  Cased to about 200 feet, the discharge pipes extend to the top of the Floridan and mostly avoid the Surficial Aquifer.  The dumping does however enter open limestone Floridan aquifer at about 200 feet and it is "Nelly bar the door" for the vast Floridan aquifer that feeds Silver Springs.  Most geologist disagree with the GNV consultants point that we really know where the sewer effluent goes once it is dumped.  20 years ago our Silver Springs was much cleaner and then Gainesville started dumping into the aquifer.

 Scientist are beginning to wonder where that effluent is actually going and suspect much of it goes to Silver and Rainbow Springs Floridan Boils. 

 Ray Melenson TDC Marion County

FDEP Park Rangers make an attempt to expand Silver River Park and they just may succeed.  Marion County Commissioners were surprised when some park rangers tried to enlist a high-school class venue to promote Silver Springs part of the park system.   "Not so fast", was the comment from legislators and the commission.  Without an elected official among them, staff from the Silver River Park organized a Vanguard High-school effort to test the water and thereby somehow extend the DEP operation of Silver Springs.  Many folks don't realize that FDEP has been the landlord of Silver Springs for almost 20 years.  Of course parks had the blessings of higher ups in FDEP in their alliance with the Bob Knight group of activist.  

The Springs Alliance of Springs Protection, Silver Springs, Team Conservation, and Save Silver Springs is promoting a more open forum under direction of the Marion County Board of County Commissioners under the guidance of FDEP as staff for the trustees. 

Kanapaha Sewer Plant is still discharging 10 million gallons of sewer effluent into the upper Floridan Aquifer that feeds Silver Springs.  The Vanguard students have been sampling sewage and Ocala Drainage Well discharges as they come out of the underground discharge routes.  Many of the students did not know that the "Stinky Bridge" Sewer plant can only remove up to 18 parts per million parts of nitrate from Ocala sewage.  Now that the students are involved the school board members are being asked if input from Sewer plants discharging by pipe into the aquifer should be sampled and tested to compare with the contamination levels when the water comes out of the Springs Vents. 

Recommendations are strong that Marion County will operated as extended Staff for FDEP in their role of stewards for Florida's Trustees, Florida's Governor and Cabinet.  



Other Water News:

Lake Weir hosts the Lake Weir Yacht Club Christmas Parade.  Gator Joe's and incoming Eaton's Beach restaurants along with The Nest on Lake Weir were strong supporters. 

Water Way Christmas Celebration Marion Success
Silver Springs Art goes to Washington DC to Congress.

Learn to test Storm Water to determine PH  Sink Hole prevention is best not left to the utilities who discharge storm water into karst geo settings like Ocala or Gainesville.

Just in:  Acid rain dumped in storm-water drainage wells in Ocala and Gainesville may cause underground dissolving of the limestone.  The collapse of underground structures from acid rain, is predicted by scientist in our Karst geology.  A single cave-in could divert Silver Springs in a single underground incident.  In 2002 there was perhaps an underground collapse event redirecting underground flow away from Silver Springs.  

Gainesville Utilities reuse water from sewage operations used to recharge local drinking water supplies may not be suitable for cattle to drink, according to a long time Marion County Commissioner.  It now appears that the distribution centers that dispose of Kanapaha sewer effluent into the drinking water is not clean enough to grow vegetables for human consumption according to Florida Department of Agriculture officials at the Water Policy Conference in Gainesville.

Marion Sun Times supports Adena Springs Expansion.  Cattle Ranching has a historic position in Marion County.  Thanks Team Stronach for helping to bring the cattle business to Marion County.

 Adena Springs wins many supporters at Church of the Springs conference.
Florida Department of Agriculture helps farmers put food on the table at a reasonable price.  Supporting new inovative environmental BMP's is the answer.
May have a new solution for Silver Springs.
Nitrates in both Rainbow and Silver Springs might be halted.

Billion Gallon . com is hoping that better stewardship will result with Adena Springs expanding in the neighborhood.  Cities with long histories of direct discharge into the aquifer need new input to solve long standing problems.

For many years the same "Scientific Experts" have represented both sides of the Nitrates issue, Consulting first to the polluters, and then becoming the expert to evaluate the harm.  A new present will be set to keep the "Fox out of the business of guarding the hen house".  Legislators are apparently looking into the HT Odum and now his Students having a 50 year lock on Gainesville as the polluter and Gainesville "Experts in Pollution" acting to receive contracts to find the perpetrators of Springs Pollution. 


Long time environmental activist, writer, and artist Darlene Weesner citing her book, "We Might Could ...and we Did" embraced the operation as like her own cattle raising experience.  Miss Weesner, often the lightning rod", seemed to have her mind changed by what she heard at the Adena Springs program


In now appears that Kanapaha to the north of the Adena Ranch may have to stop discharging into the aquifer.  Unable to hold their effluent in storage tanks for proper disposal, the spill is 10,000,000 daily.  The Aquifer can not dilute that much waste.  Now our springs are showing signs of excessive waste products apparently directly from Gainesville's Sewer Plants. 

Stephen Hunter, Ocala MST 08/22/12

Adena Springs Cattle Management Team Embraced by Marion County Community

Positive Change seemed to be in the air as person after person thanked the Adena Springs group for bringing the community together.

"You have changed my mind", was often the comment as stakeholders expressed the reasons they want to bring new progressive farming to Marion County.

The fact that springs reflect the quality of aquifer flowing to the ocean, many Marion County folks have been voicing concerns over excessive nutrients and algae in the clear aquifer water.  Farming has been blamed for years when actually big utilities are causing nitrate overload at our springs.


The Adena Springs group declared that their volume request would be reduced from 13.2 to 5.3 million gallons as the daily limit.  Happy at the conservation effort, many in the audience had hoped Kanapaha's 10 million gallons might be used at the ranch rather than discharged into the aquifer as is the current practice.  Regardless, Adena is now seen as an overall solution rather than a problem. 


Ag program in north central Marion County is a success, at least in the minds of many who welcomed the team to a major economic event in Marion County today.

Trust but verify was the message to the Adena Springs Team received, as the local folks appeared happy for the enterprise to be a part of our community.

The room was packed and most speakers from the audience expressed thanks for the quality and sophistication of the newest farm project by the Adena Cattle group.

Florida is one of the national leaders, in most retired citizens memory.  Cowboys and Cattle make up the one of the best components of American history.

Let's light this candle, was the feeling, but let's be careful of the environment.  

The Adena Team is as sophisticated as they come commented one audience member.

Stay tuned for jobs, and new quality geologic/environmental expertise in town.  

Cities and counties can use experts from the private sector like the Adena Team, in tackling their environmental challenges.

 Gainesville, has long been embarrassed by discussions of their 10 million gallons daily discharge into the drinking water aquifer, of processed sewer effluent will be able to gain from the Adena Springs Team expertise.

 We are here to operate a quality cattle operation, but we also are pledged to help our community all we possibly can, was the message from the team. 


The Adena Cattle Operation may solve some of the regional nitrate problems.

Save Silver Spring likes what they hear and now fully support The Adena Springs Solution.  "Trust but verify" as Roald Regan once said.  We like the analysis and presentation.  Jobs, better access to food at more favorable price points is a win-win for the citizens of Florida.

 Florida Water Czar Bob Burton endorses the Adena Springs Cattle Ranch operation.  "The operation will bring new scientific solution to the long term drainage storm water holes used by Ocala and the Alachua Sink used to drain acid water into our Aquifer".

"Every gallon of acid rain storm water is a help to keeping sink holes from getting out of hand" states Water Czar Bob Burton. "If Adena will use even a little of the Kanapaha sewer effluent to grow grass we will save children drinking aquifer water."


Billions of gallons of the world's finest fresh water is allowed to exit the aquifer and sent to the Atlatic Ocean and Gulf of mexico every week. We need to listen to the scientist and use some of the aquifer water in Silver Springs to recharge the aquifer.

Water that comes out of the aquifer needs just a small amount sent back to replinish the aquifer. 

Stephen Hunter, OcalaBestMarion Sun Times



Gainesville Utilities Consultant Bob Knight, and Wetland Solutions, may not be able to consult to the Kanapaha Sewer Plant and the government agencies responsible for protecting against the Kanapaha Sewer Plant 10 million Gallons of effluent directly discharged to the drinking water daily. For over 50 years the direct discharge practice used by Gainesville Utilities (20 years) and Ocala Utilities (55 years) has been missed in inspection reports by DR. HT Odum and his student Dr. Bob Knight.  Some critics allege that the HT Odum group has been influenced by the conflict of interest inherent in working for both parties in the dispute.  Finally, the St Johns 50 year Retro Study of Silver Springs again failed to locate and document a major 60 inch discharge pipe out let from Ocala Utilities at the Half Mile Creek confluence just 10 meters below the 1200 meter inspection station.  Calls for reduced conflict of interest are becoming more frequent.  

According to GRU consultant Dr. Bob Knight, wetlands along side the direct discharge wells of the Kanapaha Sewer Plant do a better job of keeping high nitrate levels out of the ground water.  Conversely, the direct dumping into holes to the aquifer lined for the first 200' seem to do a poor job of keeping the sewer effluent (10 million gallons daily) out of the drinking water Floridan.  Under the Kanapaha Sewer Plant the top of the Floridan Aquifer is 200' below the surface, and the bottom of the Floridan fresh water is approximately 1000', the exact depth of the storage Sub-Aqueous Diffusion pit used to disperse sewer effluent into the fresh water aquifer.  Just north of the Marion County border is this daily discharge.  US Geologic Survey charts show the modern increase of discharge started just months after the Kanapaha discharges began 20 years ago.  Consultant Dr Bob Knight or his teacher Dr HT Odum failed to make the connection of the utility discharge to the Silver Springs drainage system and the onset of dumping.

FDEP and St Johns have been asked to consider finding scientist who do not work for the suspected polluters when assessing the status and cause of high Nitrates in the Springs run.  Fortunately many local springs are fed by the Surficial Aquifer and thus protected by the 200' of protective piping used to deposit the Kanapaha effluent into the Floridan Aquifer.   

Secretary Herschel Vinyard leads team to Marion County to solve algae problems.  Total Daily Maximum Loads are the subject of discussion. (TMDL)

How Much is too much?  Is the Gainesville Sewer Plant"s 10 Million Gallons of Sewer Effluent dumped daily into a 200 foot to 1000 foot hole to be stopped?

Will Utility Lawyers be able to keep old grandfathered dumping of sewer effluent from the "Environmental Green Capital" of Gainesville's UF off the table.  

Initial efforts by the Utilities exempted even the analysis of the 10 million gallons that many think is the main reason 4 parts per million is considered the cause of 1 part per million in the springs.

FDEP experts confirm that only abstract "modeling" gives any information as to what the Floridan Pool really looks like and how the pollutants find conduits to the Springs.


Blame shifts from long time "whipping boy" farmers to big dumper Utilities.  Farmers follow best management practices, Utilities have diverted focus off their old bad management practices and spend most of their time educating the public.  The Public is Wising up!  We don't run the utilities, we don't drill into the aquifer and dump, we don't dump in the sink holes, how about we educate you the utilities for a while.  If the Utilities continue to violate the BMP's imposed on all of the rest of us we heard that the Basin Management Plan would force Best Management Practices.

Conveniently left out of management by FDEP and the Water District plans, the Utilities will be brought into the Basin Plan if Senator Alan Hays and Senator Charlie Dean have anything to say about funding the programs.   Marion County Commissioner Stan McClain is questioning control that seems to be slipping away in the Basin Plan.  Stay tuned for the hammer to fall.  Secretary Vinyard is known for getting the job done.  Overall the honesty of the presentation to the interested packed crowd was well recieved.

Ag Water Policy Council Receives Presentation
Exciting new rules will end years of old abusive permitting rules.

All Floridians including Vegans are in for a treat, as well as families tired of paying for nonsense regulation as they feed their family. 
If you love a good steak, or vegetables on your plate, you will be elated at the new direction of FDEP and Florida's Water Districts. 
Florida is the second highest producer of greenhouse and nursery products, and a US leader in Fruits, vegetables, field corps, beef cattle and milk production.  Fl. Agriculture is on the rebound
New Rules on a Case by Case analysis basis are presented to a receptive audience in Gainesville Straughn Center

Dr. Ann Shortelle outlines new Consumptive Use Permit Rules.  Alternative Sources receives support during Agricultural Water Policy presentation.
In the past the small issues qualified as major permit projects, now Florida will become a food friendly venue with new common sense rules.  
The rules of the came have changed was the message from Florida Dept. of Agriculture and FDEP officials at the Straughn IFAS Extension Professional Center presentation. 
According to Florida Water Czar Bob Burton, the new three tier priority system didn't come any too soon.  "Farmers must put costs into the wholesale price of crops and that extra cost of abusive permitting practices 
was carried on the shoulders of the general public".  Every structure may not need a permit, every situation will be handled on a case by case basis was the messaged welcomed by the folks attending the Water Policy presentation. 

As the Agricultural Water Council prepared to adjourn for lunch, the idea that farmers are not the enemy to be regulated out of business took on special meaning.  Every dollar wasted in petty regulation adds to the cost of a meal with no nutritional value.

Just in:  Water Czar Bob Burton backs New 3 Tiered Wetlands Program: Ag Water Council Presentation well recieved.
Alternative Water Sources Discussed in Gainesville.
Gainesville Utilities water deposited into the drinking water aquifer may not be clean enough to grow vegetables for human consumption.  
Marion County officials and the Adena Springs Cattle ranch also question using the water for beef cattle consumption.
Water expert Don Browning of Springs Protection.com put it this way, "My question is this, If the water is not clean enough for cattle why is it discharged into our drinking water at the rate of 10,000,000 gallons daily?"
"For heaven sakes, the protective casing protects the distribution hole only to 200 feet, so the full depth of the Floridian Aquifer is being contaminated".  It has been 20 years that this dumping has been going on so no wonder we have algae in Silver Springs.
Consumptive Use Permitting Consistency addressed by DEP management.
Dr. Ann Shortelle introduced new 3 tiered system to help stage permit issues in terms of importance.
Easy stage 1 issues will be handled in a quick low bureaucratic way.
Mid level stage 2 issues will receive management resource input to keep the issues on track.
Stage 3 Complex: is the more complicated permitted issues that must by size or other criteria be given special attention.  This stage is currently under development according to Dr. Shortelle. 
Perry Cattle operation in Marion County mentioned as a possible model to help solve the Adena Cattle permit request.  10 million gallons of excess nutrient rich water is disposed of daily in a shameful discharge to the drinking water just up stream from important drinking water wells.  Cased down to approximately 200 feet, the drainage wells drain well into the Floridan Aquifer feeding Central Florida drinking water wells.  No longer allowed, processed sewer effluent is not allowed to be used to grow vegetables yet unbelievably is dumped into the drinking water used by millions of Floridians.
Estrogenic issues are surfacing as both men and women can be impacted by Estrogen and Testosterone nano-particles from urine.  While pathogens are destroyed in processing hormonal molecules pass through in the drinking water to an unsuspecting public. 
Concerns are surfacing as to the effect of gender theropy never having been disclosed to the consumer who may be susceptible to doses of Estrogen or Testosterone in the drinking water.  Full disclosure of what we don't know is difficult to accomplish. 
It is possible that cattle will not experience adverse gentic impact from eating grass watered with processed sewer effluent.   Ag officials expressed concerns as to the possible uses of "Drinking Water Quality" processed sewer effluent currently mixed with the drinking water.
 Water Czar Bob Burton proposed studies that might shed more light on how to end the use of potable water used for drinking water wells and perhaps use the effluent to grow sod and pasture grasses.
New wetlands rules under FS 373 and 407 are bringing the DEP and Water District permit process into a new age of consistency within water districts.
Dr Ann Shortelle of DEP and Rich Budell and Bill Bartnick of Florida Department of Agriculture and consumer Services bring clearity to wetland permitting rules.
New rules that treat ag owners with consistency and fairness is causing a turnover in old line DEP permit processors.   The days of permits dragging on for years and an unlimited amount of data collection seem to be over.  Common sense is now a part of the process.  
Marion Sun Times: Attendee Don Browning suggests using the Perry Cattle model as a way to rescue the City of Gainesville from further discharge of Process Sewer Effluent into the Aquifer, by using the 10 million gallons that must be disposed of daily to grow grass at the Adena Cattle Operation.   Adena may be able to charge Gainesville Utilities millions to take the sewer effluent of their hands.  Experts suggest that Gainesville Utilities will not be able to dispose of the sewer effluent into the drinking water much longer.  Issues about the legality of using the sewer effluent to grow vetgetables for human consumption is very close  to the problems of discharging the effluent into drinking water aquifer supplies.  More on estrogenic issues in drinking processed sewer effluent.


Best Florida Visit Selection Award.    The Nest on Lake Weir   Viva La Florida Friendly

Florida Department Of Agriculture holds Water Policy Council report meeting

Breaking story: Times are changing for the better, in the world of Water Conservation.


Old line permitting that caused springs pollution is coming under fire.  Conservation Leader, Jeff Littlejohn of DEP is bringing common sense solutions to water conservation in Florida.

Wetlands employee Connie Bersok famous for her Dr. Seuss readings, is called on the carpet for old practices that have become harmful to the environment in the long run.  Over the years individual permit processors made interpretations that then would become law.  Controlling even senior management permit processors became "little gods".  DEP management is now taking control of the Agency and setting one universal policy.  Citizens no longer need fear the "dreaded permit processor" at FDEP or the state water districts.

 Apparently unable to keep up with improvements in permitting that could possibly save Silver Springs, the head of Springs Protection's failed permitting systems has been suspended according to reports in Tampa Bay Times.  Gainesville Utility discharge of Processed Sewer Effluent and Storm Water discharge into the Alachua Sink have long received protection under the old DEP permitting system.

Under Sec. Mike Sole, Ms. Bersok was the champion of the Kanapaha Discharge program that Springs Protection. com has fought for years.  Now that Governor Scott has reversed the systemic pollution problems of the past, old line employees are finding it difficult to keep the hundreds of discharge permits in force.   

A battle is developing for the use of water for Adena Springs Cattle program.  Permits will allow Sewer Effluent currently going into the aquifer.  Other options is the drawing of Ocklawaha river water for the same purpose.  Wells near the discharge points cited by the US Geologic Survey may be used as well.  We ask for a combination of water sources with a priority given to processed sewer effluent following the Perry Spray Field example in Marion County. 

Appointed by Governor Rick Scott to Florida DEP.
DEP Secretary Herschel Vinyard Jr.

Silver Springs and Rainbow Springs flow into rivers leading to salt water.  Together they send 1 Billion Gallons of fresh, clean, sparkling mineral water into the ocean and gulf each day.  For years this was allowed because no one actually thought about about the value of the water until it was gone.  Sometimes a single benefit such as the historical source of fresh water flowing into the ocean is considered the only valid use of the water, however as time passes and the environment changes wells, people, cities, and population concentrations bring new requirements for an infinite amount of water.  Valuing water by the gallon is a good way to decide how each gallon should be used.  Looking at water flow to the ocean is gradually becoming a lower use value because the water is used only once and not for human consumption.  Human use of a given volume of water can be varied and multiple.  Clean aquifer water is best used for human consumption, clean spring water on its way to the ocean is also best used to replenish the aquifer and human consumption.  Viewing clean water from the inside of a glass bottom boat is a low use of flowing water because the view and experience can be duplicated with a weir holding a volume back for this purpose but flowing at a much lower rate.  Spring flow is water that has departed the aquifer under pressure, that is pushed out as compared to "sucked out" as when a pump pulls out water for a utility and human consumption.  Sucked out water leaves a cone of depletion according to scientist.  Dr Tom Kwader is a leading geologist who has lead the effort to reduce the cone of depletion that then drains our lakes, streams, rivers, springs, and wetlands down into the aquifer to fill the void left by sucking pumps.

While the water is great to look at clear and transparent, Silver Springs is now being looked at from lots of interesting angles, and several plans to use some of the water are gaining traction.  A billion is such a large number that any recovery would be extrodanary in dollars.  For example if just 10% of the water was in bottled water terms, the water would bring 100,000,000 gallons of bottled water.  At 4 bottles per gallon, the math is easy, = 400,000,000 bottles of water to sell.  At 10¢ per bottle it would bring $40,000,000 daily in Bottled Water Value.  At 1¢ per bottle it would bring $4,000,000 daily.  That is $800,000,000 per year if bottling took place 200 days per year.  EDC Director

Now Don Browning continues his years long effort to value and improve the stewardship of the fresh water.  Billion Gallon . Com is the central web site of the effort to value the fresh water and allow the entire State of Florida to benefit.  More

2011 Water Award Editors pick:  Best Water Solutions.  TDC Visitors Choice for Clean Florida Water.

 Let the Celebration Begin!  No Growth Program is defeated! 
 HT Odum methods and science questioned by TeamConservation. Along with Dr Steve Scienceman, Emergy Systems Ecogentics seen as a EPA ploy to take over Florida with Hokum "Science".  EPA promoting HT Odum in order to keep Gainesville pollution as an invitation to take over Florida.
Senate sends budget to Governor Rick Scott with zero funding for anti growth DEP Springs Groups.
Senator Hays and Governor Scott Team up and pull funding from Storm Water and anti growth groups. 
It is with deep regret that we announce that it took years to pull the funding form the Springs Anti Growth group. 

 Governor Scott visits the Villages to sign Jobs Budget.  Gov, Scott claims $615 million in cuts.  Marion, Lake and Sumpter Counties that make up the Villages have up staged Ocala that used to be the central city of the area.  Consistently Governor Scott chooses the Villages to present key points in his reforming of Florida.  "The Legislature forced me to decide whether to spend money on roads and bridges or spend those same dollars on a quality education and textbooks for our kids.  It was an easy choice for me."  Scott said he examined every one of 3,036 line items in the budget.  It is refreshing to see such an activist governor bring his case to the people.
Governor Rick Scott sets stage for a new energized Florida Department of Environmental Protection.  Known for Truth and Effective Straight Talk, Hershel Vinyard Jr. appointment is confirmed by the Florida Senate.
 EDC of Florida director Don Browning comments on the billions of gallons of fresh water that runs into the local rivers.  Recharge sites exist and daily 8 million gallons of sewer effluent is sent to the drinking water aquifer from 178 feet to 1000 feet.
The people of Central Florida have been asked to conserve water while billions of gallons ae sent into the river.  Read the  
Thanks for all the questions and positive responses, as readers realize that a billion gallons of the worlds finest mineral water is sent to the Atlantic and Gulf daily out of Marion County alone?
At a $1.50 per a thousand gallons that is $150,000 daily.  That is 8 billion bottles of drinking water at the 7-11.   That is $800,000,000 if just 10% of the springs out put is used at $1.

If bottles are sold at 10¢ a bottle that is $80 million dollars daily in revenue just from our county.  

If we look at just Silver Springs and taking 10% of the flow, that is $40 million dollars daily.  Think about those numbers a while.
1,000,000,000 gallons daily

x 8 bottles at 16 oz per bottle = 8,000,000,000 bottles or $8 billion dollars at $1 dollar per bottle.

At 10¢ per bottle that is $800,000,000 daily.

At 10% of the Flow for drinking water and 90% to continue flowing that would be $80,000,000 daily.

Taking 10% of the flow to recharge the aquifer instead of using processed sewer effluent, that leaves 80% or 800,000,000 gallons of fresh water to refresh the Ocean and Gulf of Mexico using The rivers to transport the fresh water to the Sea. 

Governor Scott is systematically rebuilding the Florida Economy's ability to grow and prosper.  The Axis of Unemployment centered around FDEP, and DCA actually became very successful at stopping the Florida Economy.  Stopping EPA involvement in Florida Water issues will take a turn around of FDEP and DCA.  Every level of government in Florida became impacted by anti growth regulation.  Springs Protection was used as an excuse to stop growth of Florida's Economy, and promote growth of Florida Government.

 Municipal Utilities may be videoed as they discharge sewer effluent into the Aquifer.  ProGuard Video has proposed a state wide video network of Gainesville Utilities dump points into the

Alachua Sink and the Kanapaha Sewer discharge Point.

Ocala Utilities direct discharge drainage pipes to the Aquifer may be videoed.  New Solar Powered Video links are being developed. 

SB 550 was passed and Government owned sewer plants were slated to receive over 90% of the new Trucked Sewer business from homes across the state of Florida.  Senator Evelyn Lynn is spearheading the effort to trash the legislation.  Thankfully, the bill was overturned for the time being and will be brought up during the current legislative session. Septic tanks are now seen as more efficient than the Public Utilities.   Senator Charlie Dean has indicated he is hoping to require funding before new regulation is sent, unfunded, to the citizens.  Properly installed, Septic Systems are considerably more efficient than a large urban sewer plant. It is about the closeness to the surface soil and biologic agents that transform the nitrogen back into nitrogen atmosphere

Are government regulations closing in on you?  Get involved now, before it is too late.  While the politicians on both sides of the isile talk about spending cuts, we are asking what are you going to cut?  If you don't have funds, shouldn't you be talking about where and how you can borrow some more money?  Who are you going to go see to borrow?  Banks don't have the kind of money needed for even a single year of borrowing.

There is no discussion about how to borrow the money.  Spending is dependent on first having the money.  Borrowing is a necessary step before spending.  Who are the politicians going to borrow from?  Is it the Communist nations?  Who much will they lend.  What are the terms?  When do we have to pay the principal back?  How are we going to pay the interest?  The cap to borrowing is not important unless someone will lend us Trillions.



If you haven't read Alexander Solzhenitzyn's Prize winning novel about Arrest and the Systematic discrediting of citizens by the Russian Political Police, It may be time to understand how bad systems discredit individuals. 

Nationally, we have constitutional guarantees, however on a personal level, fear of getting involved and somehow charged, keeps the general population out of the process.   

A few important things must take place for dysfunctional police tactics to be effective.

1. The person in the police cross-hairs, must feel that it is all a mistake because they know they have done nothing wrong.

2. The public assumes that the person being arrested or searched has done something wrong hence a presumption of guilt.

3. The individuals in the public must pull back and allow police abuse for fear that they will be pulled into the investigation.

4. The press must be controlled externally, or internally, external control is usually from the right and internal control is usually from the left, either way the police get away with the abuse, and can finally create political charges.

5. Political charges usually are directed to the extremely rich or poor.  Both have a difficult time defending themselves against charges.  Statistically as the abused group grows, the middle income citizens grow in number developing an inverse bell curve. 

Senator Charlie Dean is working to find the answers that will help repair and rebuild old and problematic Onsite Sewage Disposal Systems, (OSSDS).  SB 550 started out as a springs protection bill and ended up as a broad brush unfunded tax on every Florida home owner not on Urban Sewer Service.  Trucking in manditory pumpings that would quickly over burden Septage, and Urban Sewer facilities.  Senator Dean is going to pin point problematic systems and provide funding for solving sewage problems.  

Citing examples like old failed systems on Florida's west coast near springs and rivers, Senator Dean would provide funds and help to areas that need help.  Homes near the Rainbow Springs and River, homes near Silver Springs and the forest, built years ago, sometimes inches above the preatic table.  We applaud Senator Dean as a Hero of the People for helping to correct the problems with SB 550.  Utilities can slowly address the corrections that will help save our Floridan Aquifer, and Springs.  Often old Drainage systems and sewer systems cause the problems then direct blame for resulting algae onto rural families.  Senator Dean is working to fix that problem. 

We Need Oil Drilling, even at the risk of a spill occasionally, like we need coal even at the risk of cave in disasters, or underground fires that burn for decades.

We also need Utilities to processes Sewer Effluent as inexpensively as possible,

however we have to learn to live with algae in our springs if we dump sewer effluent into the Aquifer.

What we need most is an end to economy killing, jobs killing environmental regulation and DEP spokesmen groups, funded by taxpayer dollars blaming ordinary citizens so more control and regulation can be brought on citizens. 

It may take a State of Emergency Request to stop Sewer Effluent Spill by Kanapaha Sewer Utility.  It is not know at this point if the Contaminating Spill can be stopped after 17 years of discharge into the Floridan Aquifer.  Utilities are pocketing millions but it will take billions to clean up the Floridan Aquifer.

Bad Management Practices (BMP)  help cause the problems facing Floridians. State Government is working to reign in the Utilities and the EPA feels that they have the right to control Florida like the 10th Amendment didn't exist.

The more aggressive the EPA becomes, the more Floridians want them out of Florida.   Senators who detest the abuses and bad management practices of past years, suddenly find themselves teamed up and finding hope with Governor Scott's new DEP. New DEP appointments may solve the issues of the past 10 years.

Senator Alan Hays' recent hearings in Tallahassee started the process of getting to the bottom of Florida's nutrient problems, and the growth of DEP and EPA.  DEP's Jerry Brooks presented background and answered questions for the Budget Commission Senators interested in dealing with the up coming nutrient standards that may be coming.  The old DEP under Mike Sole, has for years operated a double standard out of necessity.  Utilities get one standard and the single citizens receive another.  


Legislators are beginning to ask dep officials, "if DEP is doing such a good job, why would it cost Billions to set even modest standards of nitrate pollution"?  It may take kicking EPA out of Florida in order to bring a focus on FDEP.  With EPA breathing down our necks, and a new DEP Secretary, it appears that we have a chance to correct old Bad Management Practices that this editor feels are actually drawing the EPA into Florida. 

Special Report by Water Czar.
SpringsFest is bringing to light the Utility Storm Sewer and Sanitary Sewer discharge that is being brought under control.  Higher utility bills will result if the Floridan Aquifer water needs filtering to be drinking water. 
SB 550 puts springs protection on front page.  Unfunded tax on all onsite home systems is costly and unnecessary.  Utility Lobby pulls a fast one on Florida's public.  Utilities would automatically pick up Millions of new customers forced to pay trucks to take effluent from one functioning sewage system to a failing Septage and Urban Utility network.  Ex Senator Constantine pushed SB550 through on his last day in the senate. 



Marion County EDC steps up to join the Economic Action Team.  Community Colleges are asked to step out of Political Activism at Tax Payer Expense. 


Springs Protection.com celebrates the important political victory by Florida's Voters.  EDC Marion County provided effective leadership.


We now have the funds so let's get to work and stop dumping sewer effluent into our aquifer.  We can bring UF into the fold and thereby help their host city Utility to solve their problem! 

SB 550 the new Sewage Law, is a tax on living.  Just like Obama Health Care we now will have to purchase another service by law just because we are alive and excreting daily.  On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems are not second class citizens in the sewer disposal world.  It is usually the City Sewer System that is problematic because of the need to dispose of Millions of Gallons of Sewer Effluent daily.  Historically processed sewer effluent was dumped in rivers, and oceans and other water bodies, often with little processing in the last century.  Currently in Florida the processed sewer effluent can be discharged into the Drinking Water Aquifer.  At this point the EPA is asking for numeric standards and most utilities cannot comply at current sewage loads.  Try adding double or triple the piped in copacity by trucking in sewage from each on site Sewer Disposal System.  Just in Marion County SB550 would bring in 24,000 new customers at the stroke of the Governor's Pen.  Most trucks would have to deliver to City or County Sewer Plants.  Actually, On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems are usually considered superior to City Systems if there is adequate land.   End the Sewage Bounty Tax.  Say No to SB 550.

SB 550 is a POOP Tax.  It is a given that everyone must use the toilet daily, now we will be taxed thousands to haul our sewage from an ON Site Sewer Treatment System to a Urban Sewer Treatment System.  Really what the Utilities want is the income stream by law.  Current "pipe connected customers" are used to secure bonding for utility expansion.  Rural citizens have been out of the reach of Cities and County Utilities.  Now they will be by law, "Truck Connected Customers" and required to pay to Septic Companies who must take their newly aquired sewage to the Utilities.  We now must buy Health Care if we are living, and now in Florida we will have a Sewer Care Tax that we must pay just for living.

 Where pipes to City and County Utilities don't exist we will by law have to pay to truck our poop to the Major Utilities.    All citizens will be asked to pay into a utility industry that is vast and will grow if this new Law is Allowed to Stand.  Capacity will have to more than double at the big sewer plants who currently struggling with their own Processed Sewer Effluent.    Big utilities have a daily problem disposing of Processed Sewer Effluent.  The problem is so big that FDEP approves discharge into any water body that can take the Effluent even the Aquifer.   Septage deposited on the land is not the answer and big utilities will have to grow in order to handle all this pumped waste.  Calculate the volume of pumped sewage and economically the Sewer Utilities, and Septic Tank Industries are the only winners.

Citizens with On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems will have to start supporting City/County Utilities, but the big burden will be on the current Sewer Utility Customers such as Dell Webb, who will have to pay for the increased expansion of their Sewer Provider.

Repeal SB 550 for several reasons.  The bill should never have passed in the first place.   SB 550 will impose an unfunded liability on the citizens of this state.  Those on Septic Systems will have to fund a new pumping, transport, and sewer processing industry.  Septic tank companies, government agencies at all levels regulation and inspection persons and Sewer Treatment Utilities will benefit.

Most People were not informed about SB 550.  It was rushed through as a "last moment measure" on the last day of session.  It was lobbied hard by Cities and Counties with Utilities that need new customers.

Citizens on Sewer Utility Service will be asked to pay for expanded capacity that will be needed to process all the sewage now being processed in On Site Treatment Systems.

SB550 is an unfunded mandate that is not needed by 94% of those impacted by the new law.  The Wekiva Study found only 6% of the nitrates were from Septic Tanks in the main study.  There is no support for this bill outside of the Utility interest, and the anti growth Environmental Groups funded through FDEP's Springs Working Groups.  This seems to be a reaction to the EPA requirement for a Standard for Pollution by utilities in Florida.  As you all know we in Florida have no standard for dumping by utilities into streams, rivers and lakes out side of our TMDL or Total Maximum Daily Load.   The TMDL is a Subjective Standard.  That is The Size of the Water Body determines if dumping should occur.  Florida has no Numeric Standard for water pollution therefor every year millions are spent to direct the blame for water pollution on citizens.  

Florida must look like it is doing something about water pollution in order to stop the Federal EPA from coming in and setting standards.  Utilities will continue to dump as long as there are no numeric standards.  There are hundreds of pages of data to support the problems with utilities dumping into Rapid Drainage Wells, for Example Orlando must discard 200 million gallons of sewer effluent daily.  Kanapaha discharges into the Aquifer.  Ocala and Marion County Discharge any way they can using sink holes as a substantial drainage point. 

The Marion County Springs and Aquifer Task Force Discovered that Sewer Effluent and Storm Sewer Drains to the Aquifer were signs that Utilities are in trouble.  Both Storm Sewer and Sanitary Sewer have a problem dealing with their waste and they don't need more sewage from a On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems that are working perfectly well.

In Alachua and Marion Counties, the biggest polluters of nitrates were found to be Utility Sink hole use by Ocala, Gainesville, Alachua County and Marion County Utilities.  The largest polluter was the Gainesville Sewer plant at Kanapaha depositing 6.8 million gallons of Sewer Effluent daily into the Aquifer just up stream of our Silver and Rainbow Springs.  Repeatedly City, County, and Water District would avoid even admitting to the massive Discharge by Government Utilities.

There is no science supporting the claim that Septic Tanks are the problem causing high nitrates in the springs across Florida.  The Springs Protection Series of Ordinances are essentially pro utility and anti growth laws.  Old septic tanks that are out of date and many that were not put in properly in the first place should be addressed and there are laws on the books to deal with these problems.  The legislature must find the funds to go in and address these "problem sites" .  

In the Case of Silver Springs and Rainbow Springs there are old and poorly installed septic tanks near the springs areas that are known to be old and not properly functioning.  It is improper to direct an unfunded mandate POOP Tax, on all of the county residents with properly installed septic systems.   In the past few years new Sewer Plants have been installed in the Rainbow Springs area.  Silver and Rainbow  Springs still suffers under Kanapaha Sewer Effluent Discharge to the Aquifer, and Drainage to the Aquifer by Gainesville and Ocala.  

County Utilities and DOT are the problem.  Most Experts figure it will cost Utilities and DOT, in Excess of 10 Billion just to set a numeric pollution standards.  Let's stop Taxing the Little Guy! for living!

Star Banner admits to Ocala Point Source Discharge from City and County storm water utilities.  After years of public outcry when the public was blamed for pollution at the Silver River and Silver Springs we are getting admissions by the traditional press that it was the Ocala and Marion County utilities all along doing the dirty deed.

We have a chance to stop the problematic Septic Tank Bill SB 550, Passed in the final minutes of last years Legislative Session.  Call your Legislator and ask for a repeal of SB 550.  It may be the final accomplishment of the current Speaker Cretul Term, to overturn the unfunded and anti development bill on septic tanks.
This is as important as voting down Amendment 4.  Remember vote no on 4, 5 and 6.  Yes on the rest.
And so the people have Spoken and Amendment 4 went down in flames! 


Sustainable Development

                                                                                   SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT


 Activist Don Browning shows how Utility Discharges can be used to reduce utility bills for customers.  Algae growth often used to slow growth is now becoming a key to potential economic growth in Florida.  Growing Algae in Fuel to Energy processes is beneficial states political activist Don Browning.  Underspending the economic power of nitrates and CO2 can help a region grow.  In addition to using sewer waste to grow Algae Bio Energy, the Springs will become clear again.  Don Estimates that over $500,000,000 has been lost over the past 20 years because of the decline of tourism.  Jobs, Jobs, and more Jobs is going to be the result of new energy systems such as Algae to Energy and small Pocket Nuclear Power Stations.  Central Florida can be at the forefront of positive economic change.


Visit the wonderful analysis of the evils of Sustainable Development that is taking over the United States of America.

What sounds like simple orderly growth, is really, Special Code for a form of socialism, and a reordering of our nation's fundamentals.  The roots are in the a special report from the United Nations commission on Environment and Development, authored by Gro Harlem Brundt.and Vice President of the World Socialist Party in 1987, Our Common Future.

More in a report by Tom DeWeese March 1 2010 

It is time for every citizen of America to decide to do their part to stop the incredible disconnect taking place in the US Congress.

Browning gives support to Governor Rick Scott and Ag Commissioner Adam Putnam.

Don Browning unsuccessful in Run for Congress.
District 6, US Congress, Florida District. Ask Don to continue efforts to control Environmentalist.

Florida's Eden.  Join TodaySean Dowie is a Photographer's Photographer.  My 4x5 view camera nourishes my soul, says Sean.  Perched on scenic 441 over looking the Heart of Florida, Florida's Eden is a natural to repeat as  TeamConservation, Pure Water Wilderness Award.

Remember Ocala Wildlife Sanctuary with donations. They are a 501c(3) and are in desperate need of funds for rehab of facilities.  Call Keith Belisle or Kenneth Lane for details.  Become a sponsor today!

Rick Scott surfaced as the new leader of the Republican Party.  A new round of political awareness has develop under the 2010 Reform Banner.  Don Browning and several others were not successful in their Republican Primary Campaigns however they will return.  General General McCollum and Lt Gov. Jeff Kottkamp joined Don Browning in raising awareness of problems in the political arena.  It appears Florida is in for a wonderful renewal under possible Governor Rick Scott.
IN the mean time new fresh leadership will help bring reform to Florida Republicans lead by Rick Scott, Florida's great Governor Candidate. 

Representative Alan Hays and Senator Charles Dean address Algal Energy Jobs, Springs Protection and Bio Energy.  We have to work to keep our environment and economy healthy.  Like Sharks just below the surface, job or economic loss can be sudden and traumatic.

Follow Legislative leaders as they battle Utility Pollution of the Floridan Aquifer.  Representatives Alan HaysKurt KellyCharles Van Zant, and Senators DeanBaker, Lynn, Oelrich and Dockery are leading the way.  Springs Protection is getting clarified.  Utility Discharge Sites are coming under fire.

Marion County Chamber of Commerce launched to represent the interest of Marion County Citizens out side Ocala City Limits. The Ocala Chamber of Commerce, ( OcalaCC.com ) and the Ocala EDC, (OcalaEDC.org) to receive boost from new branding of Marion County Opportunity.   See Marion County Best. Com, Discover Marion County . Com and Marion County Chamber of Commerce .

 Just in: Florida Legislative and Executive Government Leaders are briefed on Algae to Energy Opportunities.  Florida Department of Environmental Protection battle with Utility Discharge of nitrates into Florida's Drinking Water may now be off the hook.( See sewer to drinking water link.)  Storm Water Utilities are searching for ways to use storm sewer runoff and end the practice of draining the pollution to the aquifer.

Bringing high technology jobs and environmental solutions to Florida is job one.  Senator Charles Dean Moves Grant fundsLt Governor Kottcamp and Chief of Staff Alex Ferro join an elite group of governmental officials addressing the leading edge of technology.

Representatives Ralph Poppell and Alan Hays lead the house effort to solve Utility Discharge of Nitrates, by introducing CO2 injection study into the equation.

Representative Alan Hays Examines the Utility Discharge problem in Springs Protection Field Exam.  FDEP using Cesspool Tests to evaluate septic systems.  Very misleading.  Three test sites were used in the wekiva area to represent a state wide effort to blame septic systems for high nitrates from utilities.  Wekiva is an area with a water table very near the surface.  Not a place for a normal septic system.

Looking at the Drains makes pollution sourcing much less complicated.  It doesn't take a Scientist to see the harm to the Aquifer and Springs.

Rep Hays opens the debate.  The public isn't the problem, its the Utilities discharging waste that is the problem.  The Public is actually the solution

Hays can move quickly in the Legislature.  New Technology promises to use waste to make Energy says Hays.

On Site Sewer Treatment Systems have been evaluated state wide on 3 (three) systems in a shallow surface to preatic level condition.  In the Wekiva Springs area like the Florida Keys, the water table us just below the surface.

The study was based on Cesspool type evaluation estimates and just below the drain field.  Suggested test sites in more normal terrain would be helpful.  The state wide program from this limited evaluation is considered misleading my many readers of the report.

Aero Stream System saves citizens major dollars and improves operation of Septic Systems.  Anaerobic systems become Aerobic and more functional. 

Marion County Citizens form an Economic Action Team to represent the Marion County outside city limits.

St John's Water Management District Scientist agree Drainage Wells and Storm Water Waste to Silver Springs is likely to continue. Utilities are too important as recharge replacement water models.

Just in: Federal Judge Robert Hinkle requires FDEP to set standards for Utility Discharge of Nitrates into Aquifer and Surface Water. See Judge Hinkle

Surface Water Quality

Estrogenic Activity in the Environment: Municipal Wastewater Effluent, River, Ponds, and Wetlands

US Congressional Candidate Don Browning  joins Senator Charlie Dean  in effort to stop Environmentalist takeover.  Senators Steve Oelrich and Evelyn Lynn are joined by Senator Lee Constantine.   Lee constantine is the lead Environmental Regulatory Sustainable Development Advocate on the Florida Legislature.  Citizens present concerns about Utility Discharge into the Aquifer affecting Florida's Springs.  Wekiva Area is covered with Utility Drains that have been kept under cover but are now seen as the major cause of Springs Problems.  Call for a local bill to help Wekiva area solve their Sewer and Storm Water dumping problems.  

Senator Charlie Dean works to help save Florida's Environment during his precious retirement years.  Charlie Dean joins Senator Steve Oelrich also a retired sheriff in devoting his retirement years to the common good.  Steve represents Marion and Alachua Counties and Charlie works overtime to represent a group of folks from Crystal River to the Tallahassee Capital.  Marion County Sheriff Ed Dean receives the endorsement of Springs Protection . Com for many years of Environmental Leadership protecting Florida's Quality of Life for Marion County Citizens.

Silver Springs Attraction to be required to end the Horrible Practice of Discharging sewage from the Ross Allen Island and Bear Exhibit.


Sewage was liquified and discharged into the Springs Lagoon.  FDEP worked with Springs Attraction Director Don Browning to accomplish this important Springs Protection Action. 

More work needs to be done to address Pollution Problems at Silver Springs.  Utilities have been found to be the major source of Nitrate Pollution. 

Marion County Florida Wildlife and Live Stock play a leading role in helping promote Florida's Economy and Promote Springs Protection.

Alachua County Gainesville Florida, Neighboring Marion County Residents express concern about Kanapaha Sewer Plant daily discharges of millions of gallons of Sewer Effluent into drinking water aquifer. Studies show there is reason for concerns.

Visit a Marion County Visual Presentation by Don Browning

Team Conservation is given use of Browning's Art to promote a better environment. View Nature Art Portfolio.

Understanding Karst Geology is an important step in protecting the Floridan Aquifer and Springs.  Help FDEP Protect the Environment.

Our motto:  Advice is cheap, supply always exceeds demand.

Additionally, Utility Sewer Effluent and Storm Water Runoff is cheap, Supply Always Exceeds Demand. (especially up stream from a Treasured Spring, or a Drinking Water Well.


Welcome to Springs Protection . Com      Our Mission is to bring to the people of Florida and the Legislature, the other side of the Environmental Story about daily Utility Discharge of Waste Products.  Somehow, the Environmental Protection Agency has become trapped in a story line, blaming "population" or the "public", for environmental problems. Economic Action member Don Browning helps Urban Leaders see the value in economic development of waste products to energy.  Promoting growth is job one states Don.

In a search for funds from the Legislature, to kick start economic growth.     This plan would work if it was you and I that discharge waste into the aquifer.  Septic Systems, if properly installed are a miracle of mother nature.  In order for the Nitrogen Cycle to work, nitrates must be discharged in the dry zone, well above the water table.  Utilities on the other hand sometimes pipe their waste directly into the aquifer, bypassing mother nature and the nitrogen cycle.  The Nitrogen Cycle turns bio-waste into nitrogen gas and the atmosphere.  74% of our atmosphere is nitrogen and harmless to our springs and water supply.

Actually, it is the Regulated Utilities that send most of the nitrogen waste to our springs.  Don Browning, the Water Czar, estimates over 90% of the nutrients come from regulated utilities.  If we can just filter out the nitrates before discharging into the aquifer, we can solve our springs algae growth problems with very little cost.  When nutrients can't be removed, the discharge should be sent to a surface crop irrigation situations.  The Water Czar is promoting agricultural solutions that can use the high volume of waste water generated each day by urban areas.


Every day, DEP authorities must get rid of newly generated sewer waste water.  In Orlando alone, 203 million gallons of sewer effluent is generated daily.  50 million is injected into the aquifer and called, "Beneficial" recharge.  Critics wonder if the public will stand for increased utility rates caused by the pollution plumb below the Wekiva Springs Area in Orlando.  We are close to turing this entire situation around.  Instead of added regulation, we need to harvest the energy in Sewer Waste.  We are very close to a breakthrough.

FDEP is becoming interested in turning a problem into an economic solution.  Join us as we tell the Rest of the Story, as Paul Harvey used to say....

Don Browning is asked to serve as the People's Water Czar" by TeamConservation Supporters. Tax payer funded water experts now have a representative of the people in the discussion. Browning declares "Understanding Utility Pollution is the first order of business".

Geoprobe Groundwater Monitoring considered to evaluate the nitrate load from Alachua and Marion Counties sink hole/drainage well discharge systems. Silver Springs Working Group.Com currently evaluating research.

 Just in from Editor: Springs Protection . Com Executive Director Don Browning

 No need seen for St Johns and FDEP to spend $500,000 on another study to determine where nitrates are coming from to pollute our springs.  Just check the FDEP effluent dumping registration logs listing authroized dump sites.  FDEP/St Johns Water District records show hundreds of hot spots where FDEP has authroized utilities to discharge high gross loading of contaminates into the ground water.

Understanding Clean Water Act (CWA) – the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination
System (NPDES) stormwater permitting program and the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)
program as it applies to Florida Sewer discharge permits by FDEP is critical to understanding Florida's double standard for nitrates.
  Continus studies fail to identify the role in sink holes, drainage wells, and discharge pipes FDEP has authorizes to discharge waste water into the aquifer at all depths.

Officials from Springs Protection.Com declared, it is a wonder we have any clear water at all in our springs or funds left in our state budget.  Springs have a difficult time with algae at 1.0 mg/L, Utilities are dumping 10.0 mg/L.  That is ten times the current problematic load level.  According to legislative sources, FDEP is conducting yet another study to determine the source of nitrates.  Tax Watch of Florida. Com considers yet another half million dollar test study a joke on the tax payers of Florida.  Simply reading FDEP and St. Johns Water District reports on licenced discharge points would answer the $500,000 question.

  In the Wekiva area there are hundreds of dump sites.  In the Silver Springs area there are too many sources to count that FDEP has authorized to dump.  Who is kidding whom?  How can FDEP and DCA officials pretend they don't know about all the drainage points that they have authorized to discharge high nutrient effluent into the ground water? 

It appears that a great deal of FDEP budget is used to cover-up the hundreds of effluent dump sites.  Many who have studied FDEP's apparent state of denial wonder if the average citizen cares about the misleading nature of the Springs Protection effort by FDEP.  Is distrust of government so great that the state agency who is charged with figuring out how pollution is getting to our springs, is the same agency authorizing hundreds of dump points dumping millions of gallons of pollution directly up stream our springs?



Thousands of drains to the Aquifer exist.
Billions of high nutrient water is used to recharge the aquifer causing algae in our springs.

Tax Watch Florida asks for review of Millions in tax dollars spent to distract taxpayers from information on the leading source of nitrate pollution, State Controlled Utilities.

Can FDEP Sec. Mike Sole clean up processed sewer waste currently being discharged into ground water feeding our springs? Will it cost billions to clean up utility dumping?

How bad do you, or any other utility customer - tax payer, want to clean up nitrates in our springs?

Agriculture Commissioner Charlie Bronson recently declared, that it will cost Billions, just to set nitrate standards as EPA request.  Billions of gallons of sewer and storm water waste is sent into sink holes and drainage wells every month in Florida.  

Billions of gallons daily flushes out nitrates at over 700 springs locations state wide.  Without the flushing of the system, the nitrates and other contaminates would build up in even greater concentrations in our drinking water aquifer, the Floridan, according to environmentalist Don Browning. 

Can we afford not to set standards for nitrates coming out of our sewer plants directly into our drinking water aquifer.  We can save billions of tax payer dollars if we set standards and refrain from allowing utility discharge into our springs.  Utility discharge contains 10 times the nitrate level currently in our springs.  

Over 90% of our recent Springs Protection.Com focus group stated they would be somewhat afraid to challenge FDEP or Utility operators about official Bad Management Practices because of the potential cost of higher utility bills, taxes, or both if cities and counties have to deal properly with waste disposal.

Agricultural Commission Charles Brunson estimated the cost to even set standards for nitrates for utilities would be over 2 billion dollars.

  Citizens are concerned that if we ask utilities to stop discharging Processed Sewer Waste into our drinking water aquifer, the Utilities will pass very large charges on to the taxpayers.


For Example:  Gainesville and University of Florida discharge processed sewer waste into the aquifer in large volumes, Kanapaha Sewer Plant Discharges nearly 6,800,000 gallons every day.  Orlando discharges over 200,000,000 gallons daily near the Wekiva Springs.  50 Million Gallons goes into discharge pipes that can reach Wekiva Springs rather quickly.  That Level of Contamination is every day.  365 days per year.

Storm Water Discharge is just as bad or worse.  Ocala Utility discharges into sink holes, drainage wells and over land pipes.  Ocala residents are voicing concern about the cost of cleaning up the springs.  How big will the tax increase be, and how big will the utility increase be to make the springs clear up?

Should you call your legislator to ask that state regulated utilities stop dumping processed sewer waste directly into the aquifer. Stopping the polluting practice may double your utility bill, Taxes, or both! Legislators are not in a mood to increase taxes. Citizens are not in a mood to have higher taxes. Some Citizens are willing to allow a little algae in our springs. Who knew Utilities were dumping? See Kanapaha Sewer Plant, 6 million gallons dumped daily, just up stream from Silver and Rainbow Springs.

For many years FDEP has spent millions annually asking citizens to get involved cleaning up the springs pollution.  Mike Sole may now not be happy he asked us to get involved,  study pollution sources and help clean up the springs.

Millions of gallons of high nutrient storm sewer and sewer effluent are legally being discharged into the ground water.   We know who is dumping and where.  This isn't a debate.  We are going to get to the bottom of the gross dumping by people who should know better.  If you are using a sink hole to discharge pollutants into the ground water you should be concerned.  If you pipe sewer effluent into the drinking water aquifer, you should be concerned.

New terms that everyone will under stand are being used to describe utility pipes discharging million of gallons of processed sewer waste into the ground water.  For example, in the Wekiva area 203 million gallons of high nitrate processed sewer effluent is discharged daily.  Some of that is used to fertilize yards and landscaping, yet some is sent directly to the ground water feeding our springs.

50 million gallons of processed sewer waste with as high as 10 times the nutrients we now have in the springs, is discharged directly into the ground water feeding our springs. 

Drainage wells are used to pipe Storm Sewer Waste to the shallow ground water connected to the springs.  Change is coming.  The Florida Legislature is taking a close look at the public relations campaign that has kept us from realizing what happens to processed sewer waste.  Who knew such a large volume was sent to the ground water? 


Marion County Inspector documents sink hole.
New Storm Sewer Sink Hole use may save Ocala residents $ Millions in lower bills.

 Wake Up Call for everyone!

Extremely high nutrient in sewer effluent and storm water is being drained into your drinking water unnecessarily. The catch is that the water meets drinking water standards and is 1000% higher in Nitrates than DEP allows in our springs.

Utilities may elect to use Harvest techniques to protect water resources, both quantity and quality.


Desperate State Officials use drinking water quality sewer effluent to gain millions in state funding, literally turning algae into gold.  New Alchemy is discovered.  A core group of sewer officials in DEP have learned to turn poop into gold! 

It is not a joke.  Strapped for funding, officials at the environmental Protection Agency have developed a plan to lobby the legislature for funds to figure out where high nitrate levels were finding their way into Silver, Rainbow and surrounding springs.

Each year, after collecting millions in taxpayer funds, FDEP studies, and otherwise involves themselves in a search for the source of 1 part per million nitrate in our springs.  Sometimes the nitrate level even spikes to 1.5 mg/L.  Among themselves they have had a secrete that now is coming out.  


Drinking water effluent has up to 10 mg/l of nitrate.  More than 10 times as much as what is needed to create an algae nightmare in the springs.  Yes, it only takes 1 mg/L to ruin the springs with a blanket of unwanted algae, and  FDEP authorizes enough sewer effluent to ensure full funding year after year.

Kanapaha, the Gainesville sewer plant and the University sewer plant dump millions of gallons into the aquifer daily.  Mounding is the result described as a bulge of sewer effluent from 1000 feet to the surface caused by decades of pumping in the heavy nitrite laden sewer effluent.   It is called a scam by some citizens concerned that our springs will never recover if drinking water has 10 times the amount of nitrate needed to cause our current problem.  Legislators are beginning to wonder why we spend millions annually to find out something we already know.

School children were asked what would happen if a spring with water containing 1 part per million of nitrate was mixed with a close by source of millions of gallons of water containing 10 parts per million nitrate what would happen.

A.  The springs would gain nitrate to perhaps 2.0 or more parts per million.

B.  The  spring would grow more algae as sunlight acted on the increased nitrates.

C.  The Legislature would fund even more money to help FDEP discover why the nitrates have increased.

D. All of the above. 

 Which did you choose?  We have yet to find a child or adult that did not choose All of the above, except for legislators who for 10 years have continued to fund request by FDEP to try to figure out why nitrates were increasing in our springs.  Some legislators actually chose to ignore the billions of gallons daily sent into the aquifer as Outfall Aquifer Enhancement Replenishment Water Management Recharging.


I wonder where we could find wasted funding during these difficult budget times.  Perhaps if it is discovered that Drainage Wells also dump nitrates into the drinking water.  Often the drainage wells were dug because sink holes used as drains for storm sewer runoff were clogged with debris. 


Below is an example of a sink hole that is used to send storm sewer runoff laden with nutrients that grow Algae in Silver Springs.  This is just one of many.

Somehow we need the utilities to measure how much cruddy stuff they are sending to the Springs.  They tend to minimize their dumping impact and then believe their Spin.

It will cost less than the studies like the WRAMS Report, or the 50 year Retro Study of the Silver River and Springs, to end these BMP's.  (Bad Management Practices)

If you get your water from a Marion County well or a utility in Marion County you should be worried.  Rates could triple in order to clean up the mess if we don't get a handle on the utility dumping soon.

Sink Hole used in Ocala for Draining Acid Rain.
Fizzing the limestone is a really bad idea under a City like Ocala, Sink Holes result!

Fixing Storm Water dumping is not as difficult as you might think.

If you don't know about the dumping into the aquifer of tons of nitrates don't feel bad.  You have probably been reading the Ocala Star Banner or Gainesville Sun. 

Springs Fact:  UF Environmental Professors are being scamed.  Most don't know that every time they flush, they are sending nitrates to nearby Silver Springs at about 10 Parts per Million.  About 1000% the level that is currently causing major Algae problems at 1 part per million in Marion County Water at Silver and Rainbow Springs.   DEP Sec. Mike Sole is not to blame. This has been going on for decades.  Even the City of Gainesville dumps their storm water into Sweetwater creek and into a sink hole.  Yes, a Sink Hole!  The Sink Hole is a lot like the Sink Holes the City of Ocala is dumping into because their 28 big drainage pipes called Drain Wells don't drain enough Storm Sewer Runoff into the Aquifer.   Read on to see how all this sink hole dumping of acid Storm Water is " Fizzing the City" away causing sink holes.  The really sad part is that this is high nutrient water that could be used for irrigation, thereby reducing the need for pumping potable water from the Aquifer.

In order to avoid paying Billions to clean up Drainage Wells and Sink Hole use by Utilities across the State of Florida, Millions of Taxpayers dollars have been spent in an elaborate strategy to distract the public into thinking they were the problem and that each of the public needed to be educated.  In reality, it will only take a few dollars less than it takes to keep the DCA and DEP folks employed to direct blame on to Farmers and the General Public. When was the last time you dumped your stuff into a sink hole, or dug a drainage well into the aquifer to dump Storm Sewer Runoff?  We may have to tell a little fib and tell DEP we will keep them funded even after we clean up the Dumping into the Aquifer.  Many companies who speak for and coordinate for DEP are concerned we might actually clean up the dumping and therefore the algae in the springs.  If we clean up the springs many receiving grants and employment from DEP think they will lose their jobs.  They just may be right.

Problem is the plan to Educate the Public, worked too well.  We got educated and interested in pollutionand now know where the Nitrates are coming from and it isn't your home or your Farm, or even your yard.  It is the big Dump Wells and Sink holes used by utilities.  Example, Ocala Utilities.


What a mess.  Now we can clean up the problem pretty easily, however DEP is going to have to be convinced to go along with the plan.  We have to stop thinking environmental action is a chance to unleash Acorn Style Political Community Organizers called DEP Coordinators.  We will save millions and clear away a giant scam, Smoke Screen.


Go to Marion Sun times to get the scoop.

Or better yet, keep going with Springs Protection. Com


Your Editor

Don Browning


Dumping nitrates leads to millions in taxpayer funding of state agencies for over 10 years. Is Springs Protection just a massive funding scam?

Environmental Analysis by Don Browning on the the new Alchemy, turning Nitrogen into Gold.


Earth Science ranks nitrates very high on Mother Nature's greatest assets.

Only in Special situations is it  considered as negative and polluting.  FDEP allows nitrates to pollute springs in order to build funding.  Nitrogen to Algae, Algae to Green.  Nitrogen is very profitable to Florida Department of Environmental Protection.  DEP could easily stop the algae in Silver Springs, but of course if the algae went away so would millions of Tax Payer Funding for Springs Protection.  Some critics feel Springs Protection is just a scam to draw springs protection funds from the Florida Legislature.

Yes, the more nitrates FDEP can approve to enter the ground water near major springs, the more funding FDEP will receive.  

Dumping drinking water standard water is considered allowable in some circles.  After all, the nitrate levels in the sewer effluent is very likely not above drinking water standards of 10 parts per million.

But wait, isn't the problem level of 1 part per million causing all the up roar at Silver Springs and others?  Yes, it is difficult to keep the springs from blooming if the nitrogen level gets above 1 part per million.

So Funding is the reason FDEP allows Gainesville to inject 10 parts per million nitrogen into the water feeding Silver and Rainbow Springs.


It appears to be very profitable to dump nitrates into ground water near springs.  The Legislature is unable to withhold funding algae blooms if caused by 10 times the amount of nitrogen needed to bloom algae in clear water.


View the Clean Water Network to learn more.

Mother Earth's Great Combination for sustainable living.

Art, Education, Science, and the Golden Rule. Pass it on, help a child find opportunity!

God's Eye View of Earth Sustainability is now a reality.  Recent NASA accomplishments are helping us understand Mother Nature in a more Sustainable Way. 

Science developed in space is helping the world "Go Green".  Space Florida and NASA are leading the way to sustainability.

Education as the key is becoming much more popular when searching for Environmental Solutions to Sustainability. 

Space Florida Officials work to promote a better world.  Lt Governor Kottkamp's recent dedication of the Sheriff's Youth Ranches Program is an example.  Public Service Chairman Matt Carter and the new Green Science Center at Gretna Elementary School is another example.

Recent Solar Voltaic uses in space help the ordinary citizen understand small power generation and use.  Contribution to the Grid, will be more important to future generations.

Use what power you need, return power to the grid when you are  able.  Save household money, and help the environment.

Green Living starts with Education.  Children become interested in the fun of science as they learn.

Earth Sciences Promote Sustainabile Living
Space Florida and NASA use Education to promote Sustainable Living . Don Browning 2009

Tomorrows Astronauts and Team Telescope help put fun and excitement into learning.

By: Don Browning Environmentalist Writer

 Become familiar in your county, with how Sewer Waste Effluent and Storm Water Runoff is delivered to Mother Nature for processing.  Sewer Plant Processing is only half of the job.  "Utility use of Sink hole drainage and Drainage Well use are a terrible short cut of Mother Nature's Magic".  Dr. Thomas Kwader.

Here is a look at Marion County Florida an how they are changing long held bad management practices by utility authorities.  Sometimes bad manage practices reach well back into the last century.  Some Storm Sewer Systems are pre WW I vintage.


Marion County is edging closer to sanity on Water Issues.  Marion County Commissioner Stan McClain, is leading the charge to force Alternative Water use.  Recently, Commissioner commented about the Nutrient Rich water that is currently a liability for Marion County, The City of Ocala, Alachua County, Gainesville and other cities.  Even St Johns Water Management District executive director Kirby Green entered the fray with public comments  about the need for alternative water sources.  Environmentalist E-Publication The Marion Sun Times, has been the leader in Alternative Water Use Conservation.

Under the Direction of our Legislative Delegation St Johns Director Kirby Green will be able to stop the insanity of one city injecting into the Aquifer perfectly good high nutrient water, while a neighboring city is asking for a well permit to draw out a like amount of similar water from the Lower Floridan Aquifer.  All this sucking and blowing into the aquifer can be avoided according to scientist at St Johns.  At a recent permit hearing for Seminole County, St Johns Staff explained that with the supplement of a little bit of Surface Water, Rain Water Harvesting and Sewer Effluent Harvesting could become a reality.

Double Benefits for Utility Customers in Ocala, Marion County, Alachua County and Gainesville.

Currently, Storm and Sanitary Sewer Water is drained and pumped into the Aquifer, both upper and lower, causing contamination of drinking water.  What a Waste!  Why arn't we using this Conservation Water? Usually seen in Silver and Rainbow Springs first, high nutrient contamination by sewer effluent at 10 parts per million nitrogen, is causing run away Algae Growth at 1 part per million nitrogen.  Most of the $16 million tax dollars spent to study Springs Protection can be saved if Cities and Counties will stop dumping and injecting high nutrient water into Springs Feeders under ground.

Springs Protection investigations brought to light current waste dumping of Storm Water and Sewer Water that is needed by Citys like Ocala.  Harvesting Storm Water is a gold mine for city utility customers.  

Every day Ocala gives away for FREE, a Million Gallons of valuable Irrigation Water, then  Pays $1.50 per gallon to pump clean aquifer water to replace what they gave away to TJ Turf Company according to Susan Latham Carr of the Ocala Star Banner.  

The City of Gainesville injecting of 6 million gallons of sewer effluent causes MOUNDING in the Floridan Aquifer just a few miles from Marion County private and public water drinking wells.   When too much sewer effluent is injected into the Aquifer, the opposite of Draw Down occurs.  Mounding is the Up Push of the Sewer Effluent because it has no where to go.  6 million gallons is a lot of water for mother nature to take on in the limestone karst rock formations that hold our drinking water.

 It will take a district approach to end the BAD Management Practices that have developed over the years.  The benefit to citizens is huge!  What is currently injected and drained as unwanted high nutrient water can be used, even sold above the clean water rate because the natural nutrients replace commercial fertilizer needs.

  Conservation is the agreed answer to the need for growth and the relief of pressure on our Aquifer.

It is appropriate for the City of Ocala to be at the center of the Water Conservation Controversy.  For years the Ocala City Fathers have defended the dumping of Storm Sewer Water into the Floridan Aquifer.  The 

Floridan Aquifer is where we get our drinking water.  Utility Costomers lose both ways, first when the valuable water is given or thrown away, and later when contamination occurs in the Drinking Water Aquifer. Unlike Alachua's Gainesville Sewer Plant that continues to dump 6 million gallons of Sewer Effluent into our drinking water daily, Ocala Sewer Officials give the water away, over 1 million gallons per day.  


Recent DEP action brought the dumping of Sewer Effluent onto local Spray Fields.  Two Workers of American Sanitation, hired as drivers and spray truck operators for the Sewer Treatment facility were arrested for spraying Sewer Effluent onto grass.   Apparently the Spray Field was previously, or about to be leased by the City of Ocala for a Sewer Spray Operation.  (See Drinkig Water Utility . Com for Details)

By Donald Browning

Executive Director, Marion Springs Protection . Com

Water Quality and Water Quantity

Political, Economic, and Environmental forces jockey for control of the subject.  Much of our water is wasted, much is fouled by Old Bad Management Practices, such as dumping unwanted waste water into the aquifer just to get rid of waste cheaply.  Many myths have grown up over the years about water.  Let's go on a journey together and see where our water comes from, where it goes, how it gets fouled, and how much it costs to clean dirty water.  We will look at high nutrient water that is wasted, we will look at clean water that is wasted.  We will explore some ideas about using water we have, especially for irrigation before we suck more clean water out of the seemingly unlimited supply in the Aquifer.

  How to achieve balance in our stewardship of our water resource.  Between the Silver and Rainbow Springs and Human use from wells, about 1.1 Billion Gallons overflows the Floridan Aquifer Daily in Marion County.  Only 1/10th of that amount of water is used by humans for irrigation and other water uses.  A little over 1 Billion Gallons overflows onto the ground and become Silver and Rainbow Rivers.  The Rivers are treasures, however the water must be counted in the inventory of all water available.  As a society we must use the water around us.  Each gallon is considered for use.  Each gallon of Aquifer Water, River Water, Runoff Water, Sewer Effluent Water must be evaluated and understood if we are to be proper stewards.  Gray water, already contaminated beyond immediate potable use is the key to conservation.  Every gallon of water that is reused is a gallon that does not have to be withdrawn from the Aquifer.  Citizens are now considering the draw down affects of high powered turbine wells.  Geologist tell us that it is best take water that has spilled out of the aquifer because by definition there is water behind pushing it out.

All of the Human Consumption water taken from the Aquifer, in Marion County Florida, is 88,000,000 gallons per day as of 2009.  That is all wells and withdrawals in the entire county.  All private use and public utility use.

Each 1000 gallons costs about $1.50 to withdrawal from a clean source like the Aquifer.  The 88,000,000 gallons are worth about $132,000 daily.

The two major springs in Marion County, Silver Springs and Rainbow Springs each discharge about 1/2 a Billion Gallons daily.  That is a Billion Gallons bubbling out onto the ground daily.  These springs have discharged that amount daily for thousands of years.  We have so much water in the aquifer that 10 times what we use daily, blows out of the ground and runs down the rivers to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.  360 Billion Gallons spill out of the Aquifer.  Keep that in Mind as we study water quantity that is available for our use.

$1,500,000, yes a million five hundred thousand dollars in water goes out on the ground.  To replace that water from a river or the salty ocean, it costs from $3.50 per 1000 gallons to $6.00 per 1000 gallons.

If the Springs Water we lose was from a sea water desalination plant the value would be about $5.00 per 1000 gallons or valued at over $6,000,000 dollars daily.

If you leave anything of value on the ground, spilling out to sea, someone is going to come get it, or at least some of it.


Most of the world, and most of the United States use water from rivers.  In most of Florida, surface water is not used for consumption.  In Marion and Alachua Counties none of the precious water from the Silver and Rainbow Springs is used for human consumption.  Even as the clean water leaves the aquifer, then mixes with the Ocklawaha River, and then the St Johns River and finally the Atlantic Ocean.  We choose to use clean water from the Aquifer even for irrigation rather than use gray water from Storm Sewers, Sanitary Sewers or our Rivers.


We may have to reconsider this wasteful use of aquifer water and begin using less clean already surfaced water at least for conservation purposes such as irrigation.



Clean Spring Water . Com More...

Springs Fest . Com More...

Marion Springs Protection . Com

Isotopes track Sewer Effluent into ground water and wells.

StormCon U S Environmental Protection Agency estimates that at least 50% of our nations water pollution is caused by stormwater runoff.

Fix Storm Water . Com, More...

Environmental Alert: 

 Public Concerns advance the idea to purchase Sewer Discharge from Alachua County in order to stop the dumping of Gainesville Sewer Waste into Marion County Water Supplies.  Gainesville Sewer Plants and other cities in Alachua County are being questioned about discharge of nitrate rich sewer effluent into Sweetwater Creek and the Alachua Sinkhole, as well as the Kanapaha Sewer Plant discharge. 

Legislators may not be getting the results they wanted for millions in Springs Protection Studies. Private citizens are finding several point pollution sources getting a free pass from watch dog agencies.   Even DCA fails to mention the major point sources in their Springs Protection Handbook.  New procedures in the multi million dollar awarding  of Springs Protection studies may be implemented. 


County Commissioner Stan McClain expressed outrage at Alachua County and the City of Gainesville for dumping 10 times the nitrates currently causing a problem for Silver Springs.   Marion County Stormwater officials seemed upset that they would have to continue to send drainage from roads into the aquifer as a cost cutting measure. 

 Marion County Clean Water program has given years of lectures with a model of a sink hole describing the evils of dumping into a sink hole, only to be asked to stop dumping  directly into sink holes and drainage wells from the County and City of Ocala Storm Sewer System.  Cited specifically, was the sink hole on SR 475 that has been used for some time as a direct dump point into the ground water below Ocala.  Acid rain was also mentioned as the very real risk of chemically melting the karst limestone below Ocala causing even more chance of sink hole development. The double standard of Sink hole and Drainage well use by the city and county stormwater departments while asking the commissioners to pass regulations on others to take special steps to keep storm water out of the aquifer seemed to cause discomfort for the Commissioners.

On the bright side, the Commissioners shed a bright light on practices of draining city storm water into the Aquifer.  A great opportunity to address long term point sources of pollution was missed as we instead decided to take a slower long term approach to stooping BMP's Bad Management Practices of dumping into ground water..  It is difficult to go back and undo problematic legislation, but perhaps we have come to the turning point as we now know the pollution is coming from 28 aquifer dump points and several County Dump points.  The Commissioners were all trying to do the right thing.   Many years of searching for the sources of pollution now has brought attention to Storm Sewer System flaws that are overwhelming the springs.  Also, Alachua County was called out for dumping 10 parts per million Sewer Effluent just up stream from Marion County.

Environmental Artist Don Browning has suggested studying the historic problems in Tallahassee, and similar use of isotopes and other chemical indicators to track the impacts on ground water quality from Gainesville City Sewer Treatment pumps into the aquifer.   Marion County Commissioner Stan McClain may yet have the final word as he questioned the cheap approach to dumping sewer waste effluent.  Tallahassee's use of spray fields resulted in pollution to ground water and wells.  Imagine if they had drained the effluent directly into the Aquifer as Kanapaha Sewer Plant is doing.  Stan McClain is well aware of the problems that could befall the citizens of Marion County.  

Marion County Commissioners sat attentively as citizens described the many sink holes, drainage wells and sewer effluent dump pollution points that threaten the ground water of Marion County and feed nutrients to Silver and Rainbow Springs.

Many Storm Con companies stand ready to provide rather inexpensive solutions to decades old problems in Marion County. Citizens at the Springs Protection public hearing cited estimates by Dr. Bob Knight that stormwater is just 5% of the problem while others cite the E P A's estimate that 50% of our nations water problems are caused by stormwater.  Normal routes into the ground water via retention ponds are problematic enough in Karst Geological areas, however injection or draining directly into the aquifer is almost criminal via sink holes and drainage wells.

Silver Springs for example has problems with just 1.4 parts per million of nitrate. Adding billions of gallons of sewer and storm sewer waste is just a really big deal.  It is becoming clear that we must stop county and city dumping of pollution into storm sewer pipes directly to the aquifer.  Feeling have been hurt but citizens were asked to get involved and now we have lots of participants.  At the very least we must filter all Storm And Sewer effluent before sending it directly into the aquifer.  No pollutant can be sent to the springs with a higher nitrate level than 1.4 if we are to clean up the algae in the springs.  Kanapaha is sending us 6 million gallons well above 5 parts per million and as much as 10 parts per million or more.  How can we get ahead, many citizens asked if they dump 10 times more that the problem level of 1.4 parts per million.

A big congratulations to all participants in the process.  Most citizens work without pay and give of their free time to help better the community.  With that said, Many Government Workers will lose their present jobs when the springs are cleaned up.  Hence there is lots of scrambling to slow up the end of Sink Hole use and Drainage Well use.  Sewage Effluent pumping into the Aquifer will likely end soon as publicity grows about the dumping.  Alachua will have to stop sending 10 part per million sewer effluent into the aquifer just above Silver and Rainbow Springs.

Many who have been blaming septic tanks in order to stop growth or promote city cash cow public utilities will now have to prove it or give up the push.

Marion County Health officials reported at the public hearing that Dosing Septic Systems are of no extra value in reducing nitrates.  The extra cost for citizens will have to be justified before the plan to add new electric septic tanks can go forward.

Instead of addressing actual pollution point sources, such as the Sink Holes used to flush Billions of Gallons of Storm Sewer Runoff into the drinking water aquifer under Marion County, the commission  voted to regulate citizens as far out as Weirsdale with a withering hodge podge of new troublesome regulations.  Designed to slow development, but sometimes little more than nonsense, the new ordinances are loaded with problems.  Utilities hook up laws were a big part of the anti development effort by requiring hook ups and expansion when ever possible.  Septic tanks all across most of Marion County must be replaced over time with the new expensive system.

  The County health official offered the commissioners a way out when he testified that the new required Septic "Dosing" Systems did nothing to reduce nitrates, however Chairman Payton, joined with Mike Amsden to recruit Charlie Stone as they followed Barbara Fitos in the vote to approve the new ordinances.  Citizens had asked for many small but important changes before approval, however Commissioners saw it differently.  Big Pollution Points have become a major concern for citizens.  It is not that the Commissioners want a double standard, it is just that for now the dumping will go on.  It has taken years to grow algae in Silver/Rainbow Springs and today we directed a bright spot light on the main causes of pollution in Marion County.  Jaws have been dropping all across Central Florida as word got out that City and County Storm and Sewer officials are disposing of the unfiltered runoff and treated sewer effluent directly into the aquifer because it is the cheapest way to dispose of pollution.

Major Point Source Pollution contributors were listed for the commissioners.  Alachua Gross cost cutting measures resulting in Millions of Gallons of Treated Sewage pumped and drained into the Aquifer just above Marion County was not even acknowledged by the voting majority.  Only Commissioner Stan McClain condemned the grab for profits behind the dumping into the Aquifer by Alachua County and the City of Gainesville.  "Gainesville Authorities have told me they dump into our aquifer because it is the cheapest way to get rid of Sewer Effluent", said  Commissioner Stan McClain.  Marion County Stormwater Engineers were also called on the carpet to answer charges that they have for years dumped known high nitrate pollution into sink holes and drains to the aquifer feeding the Silver and Rainbow Springs.

Why do we need to spend a Million Dollars for a stromwater department?  Commissioner McClain wondered aloud after hearing that Marion County is actually the party dumping directly into the Drinking Water Aquifer at many locations.

After years of hearing how bad storm water is for the Springs, and spending a Million Dollars plus for studies that concluded stormwater was problem number One, many complainers about storm water suddenly were not concerned when they heard it is the County that is dumping into sink holes and drainpipes directly to the underground streams feeding Silver and Rainbow Springs.

After many years of securing many high dollar scientific study contracts paid for by tax payers, Dr. Bob Knight of Wetland Solutions was quoted as having sent word Stormwater is not an important part of the pollution of the ground water.

This will be news to the developers and scientist along with the EPA and DEP who have invested millions in retention ponds to hold back the pollution hazards of stormwater on the springs.



  Commissioner McClain raised many good points that if heeded will actually stop County pollution of the springs. Citizens are asking if perhaps we should purchase Alachua's treated sewage waste in order to control where it is dumped.  Stopping the pumping into the aquifer will at least save the springs.  Proponents of dumping argue that even the Federal EPA allows up to 10 parts per million of nitrate in drinking water.  Citizens understand something drastic must happen to reduce the 1 part per million now causing problems in Silver and Rainbow Springs.

Call and ask Jim Payton, Mike Amsten and Barbara Fitos to vote against putting regulations on the people before ending High Profile Sinkhole Dumping.

Commissioners Charlie Stone and Stan McClain have already voiced alarm over the County of Alachua polluting our Aquifer just up stream from Marion County.  They have also called for the end of grand fathered point pollution sites by Marion County.  The Sink Holes used to direct storm sewer pollutants into the drinking water aquifer below Ocala and Marion County, must be stopped. 

The State Legislature repeatedly have rejected Springs Protection Attempts to divert attention away from the real polluters.  Senator Saunders was rejected after hundreds of articles by the Ocala Star Banner in support.  Again last year,  Senator Lee Constantine was reportedly trounced in sharp debate, when he attempted to sneak in his springs protection bill in the last hours of the legislative session.  Senators were able to demonstrate how Billions of Dollars would be wasted following proposed regulations on farmers and citizens who were not polluting.  Environmental leader Don Browning met with Senator Constantine in an attempt to inform him that the pollution was actually coming from Cities such as Altamonte Springs and Gainesville city utilities.  Actually, Mr. Browning informed the Senator, every important  pollution point source in Central Florida comes from a tax funded environmental authority such as the City of Ocala, Gainesville, Alachua or Altamonte Springs, for example.  Marion County is also a leader because much of their storm sewer pollution is from County buildings into City of Ocala Storm Sewer systems leading directly to the drinking water aquifer by direct pipe.  Some polluters to their credit pipe over land down to Silver Springs.  If Storm Sewer systems can be piped directly into the under ground streams or piped to within a half mile of Silver Springs, the pollutants can find their way into the boils and promote algae.


Governor Crist  is urged to sign Senate Bills 360 and 2080.  Leading environmental groups hope to juice up the economy in order to promote the economic health needed to properly support the environment.

DEP is likely to see its budget reduced by millions if we can't create growth in Florida necessary to generate adequate tax revenue,  declared environmentalist Don Browning.  Legislative leaders are struggling to fund DEP however, the springs working groups organized by DEP are a leading cause of reduced growth and tax revenue for Florida. 

House Spreaker Larry Cretul is working well with the leadership of both houses, to promote a stronger Florida Economy.  Governor Crist knows the importance of a healthy growing economy to have adequate tax revenue to fund environmental efforts.


Green Message we can live with.

Call Governor Crist and urge him to sign these important bills.  Our environment depends on a strong economy.

Call 850 488-7146 to ask Gov. Crist to sign both SB 360 and SB 2080.

Homeland Security is interested in any dumping of raw pollutants into the Drinking Water Supply of a community. Citizens wonder how City of Ocala can be stopped from long used dumping practices.

Environmental Author Don Browning Thanked for Educating Marion County Residents about the City of Ocala Dumping practices that lead to Springs Point Source Pollution.

Drinking Water Utility Dot Com helps teach the City of Ocala Florida the error of their ways. Pollution of the Drinking Water Aquifer likely to stop after decades of pollution. Who Knew?

EPA Explains the Harm of Storm Sewer Runoff.

Florida Ground Water Association: Click Here!

Fix Storm Water . Com Click here. Cleaning Storm Sewer Water.

DonBrowning.Com Environmental Artist

Welcome graphic

Silver Springs Protection will be easy if we stop using Sink Holes as cheap drains. Ocala and Marion County study ways to stop draining Storm Water into Sink Holes. Lets do the right thing! Filters are cheap!

Environmental Super Heroes unite under new BANNER.
Silver Springs Protection.Com
Just think of the excitement of State Legislators Solving Aquifer and Springs pollution problem without spending a single TAX DOLLAR!
Recognized as Champions of the Environment Senator Steve Oelrich and Representative Kurt Kelly top honors.
Florida Ground Water Association made the announcements recently in environmentally active Alachua County and Marion County.
President Pat Partridge honored Senator Oelrich with high praise for his efforts to protect the ground water treasure while keeping Ecomonic Growth alive.
Environmental Super Hero, Senator Steve Oelrich.
Environmental Super Hero, Scientist Dr. Thomas Kwader, PhD, PG met with leaders interested in solving ground water pollution issues.  Science on protecting treasures such as Silver Springs is clear, however often misinterpreted.  Gold Plated Septic Tanks are not the answer normally.   Tracking dye from septic systems in not the same as tracking nitrate ions.  Dye flows back into the ground water recharge cycle, while nitrates are attacked by microbes who feed on nitrates.  Mother Nature can clean up nitrates because it is a meal to the microbes in the soil.  The microbe colony will grow to adjust to the size of the food supply.
Don't short cut mother nature by piping nutrients directly away from the soil.  Shallow drain wells bypass the important cleansing ability of nature.

Environmental Super Hero Representative Kurt Kelly!

 Director Carl Wood of Florida Ground Water Association presents the Award.

Kurt Kelly received the Environmental Water Champion Award.

Rep. Kelly is excited about supporting effective Springs Working Groups without Tax Dollars.


StormWater is the first key to protecting our springs.

Tax Dollars wasted on government established working groups can now be used to actually reduce pollution.  "Filtering Storm Water at the collection source" is the answer said Kelly.


For over 40 years, Governmental Watch Dogs have sidestepped the growing pollution monster of direct dumping of stormwater waste into the ground water under the City of Ocala Florida.  Private citizens were able to point out the pollution by Ocala.  Government Workers would not "tattle" on Government Polluters.

There is an automatic conflict of interest when Government StormWater Polluters regulate themselves.  

Privately funded Springs Protection Working Group . Com and Silver Springs Protection Working Working Group . Com can and have blown the whistle on City Pollution from Ocala City Storm Sewer Dumping.





Senator Steve Oelrich honored as Water Champion
Florida Ground Water Assoc. Pres. Pat Partridge presents.

Rep. Kurt Kelly receives Water Champion Award.
Florida Ground Water Director Carl Wood presents.